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Behind Dharti

Dharti is a consultancy business that can help businesses improve their ESG compliance. This will help them make sure that the businesses leave a positive impact on their environment and the community they operate in. Dharti will have in-depth conversations with the directors, managers and other employees to get to know the business’s operations and values. Then the business will be given some improvement advice so that their business can be more ESG conscious. This can also help businesses attract new investors, as investors become more ESG conscious as well. Dharti’s consultancy services will be available to businesses in all industries, as all businesses should strive to leave a positive impact on their environment.

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Himani Miglani

At Dharti, I specialize in providing advice and guidance to businesses in the relation to ESG metrics. I am a high school student with a passion for helping others succeed in the world of business. My experience includes being the creator of the popular podcast “Let’s Talk”. I'm committed to helping businesses succeed and reach their goals.

Our Advisors


Neeshad Shafi is an Environmentalist, and policy-oriented social change advocate, best known for his work on climate movement, environmental and climate policies in the Middle East. He is currently the Co-founder & Executive Director at the Arab Youth Climate Movement Qatar, a first registered youth lead non-profit association in the State of Qatar. He is a Board Member at Climate Action Network (CAN) Arab World and CoalitionWILD. UNESCO Youth Climate Action Network (YoU-CAN) and UNEP Youth Regional Facilitator for the Middle East.

Our Team


Zainab Shaikh

Outreach Team


Odunayo Adun

Outreach Team


Darmen Trumov

Outreach Team


JiaYue Ee

Outreach Team


Farhaan Sharief

Outreach Team


Hayaa Hassan

Content Team


Chloe Wong

Outreach Team


Sohaina Shaiq

Outreach Team


Leen Satti

Content Team


Nubair Hussain

Outreach Team

Let's Talk Podcast

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